In today’s highly connected world, we owe a lot to digitization for all the benefits that come with it.

Our children probably wouldn’t know of this but the generation of today’;s parents can really appreciate the difference it has made in our lives. For we are the ones who have also seen the world go around even with the ease of having everything on our fingertips. We have studied through the times when research meant combing through huge volumes in a library. Now that the world is enjoying the sophistication and convenience of the internet, something seems still lacking. And that is the fact the enablers of education aren’t as much connected online as they should have been. Yes, I am talking of the teachers in India. Teachers are the backbone of education field and yet they haven’t caught up with the changing times. There are many reasons that attribute for this fact. The biggest one is lack of a proper platform customized for teachers’ requirements. It’s a pity that there are lacs of teachers all across the country struggling with similar problems and coming up with their own solutions and aren’t really able to leverage through one another experience. It’s like re-inventing the wheel over and over and over again!

If teachers could be connected via an exclusive online community for educationists, a lot of time and energy would be saved, not to mention the bonus of learning new things or new ways of doing things every day. This is even more desired for a country like India that is unique in terms of its diversity. For example, connecting rural India with Urban one can usher in a new era in education.

Education is an ongoing process. At no point it should stagnate into age old ways, especially in the current technologically evolving time and age. Imagine a scenario where teachers from everywhere can learn from each other, share their knowledge and also their concerns. It would be like enabling the enablers – a huge requirement of the time. Though there are resources available online, they are sporadic and scattered. Nowhere can a teacher, after her grueling schedule, look for a one stop shop for her requirements. There is no interaction happening on the net. And there is definitely nothing that tempts teachers to be connected and hence most of the teachers are least active on the net. It’s like missing out on a huge opportunity and working in silos whereas a whole wide world of collaboration is open out there. Like it or not, education today is more difficult and evolving than it
was in the previous generations. The teachers don’t have to walk their paths alone and grapple with their daily predicaments individually. They just need to walk together. Virtually.

Now is the time to wake up and smell the digital roses!