Having taught for more than thirty years, at sixty one it’s time to reflect and ponder over the makeover that took place during these long, sometimes boring, at times suffocating because of a redundant system but always exciting in class where each day you faced a new challenge.

The challenge didn’t come from outside but from within, when you faced blank faces after teaching with all the knowledge at your disposal, all the skill at your command and all the resources available to you, then came the knocking from within.

There were those sudden eruptions of insight which came as a flicker of light and developed into a beam with a passionate search for effective methodology, teaching aids, lesson planning, class management and search through Internet . All these things left some mark somewhere helping me to evolve as a contented teacher who was always willing to go a step ahead to make it better. The more you try, more you see, never reaching the end, this is the beauty of this profession. You are always a seeker, trying to find new ways, new insights while treading the path set by the people who never dare to tread it themselves .

The Edifice of Education is an effort to define education as understood and practiced by me .
E – Experience
U- Understanding
C- Communication & Creativity
A- Application
T- Transfer of knowledge to situation
I- Internalization
N- Nobility of character

Education is a natural and ever evolving process which when imposed and induced artificially not only loses its fundamentals but results in a society devoid of the intrinsic values that define and characterize education . In my coming writings I will take up each characteristic and go in detail of its constitution, development and execution as understood and delivered by me.