Step 1: You will need to have pink paper, and blue paper or round bindis.

Step2: Cut the Pink chart paper into various sizes of circle. The sizes and numbers are shown below

Inline images 1

Step3: Put this together, first glue a Face size circle to the Body circle.  Let it dry

Step4: Take the feet size circles and stick them to the bottom of the Body circle. Let it dry.

Step 5:  Stick the Ears crcle and stick them on top of the face.

Step 6: In the middle of the face stick the Nose cirle, Let it dry.

Step7: Place two Blue round dots/ Bindis top to make the face. Next, draw two blue circles onto a nose circle, then glue onto the face under the eyes.

Nursery rhyme crafts for toddlers - shape pigSuper cute circle penguin craft - I think this one is great for our shape theme next week in my preschool class: