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Activity using shapes- Circle, Triangles, Rectangle & square

Neha Anand
40 mins
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Activity using shapes- Circle, Triangles, Rectangle & square
Student will learn to use shapes to create figures. Focus on using one shape at a time so that its easy for the student to register the same
Children understand and register the shapes by learning to use them to create new animals or things
Pink Chart paper and Blue Round Bindis, scissors, Glue

Step 1: You will need to have pink paper, and blue paper or round bindis.

Step2: Cut the Pink chart paper into various sizes of circle. The sizes and numbers are shown below

Inline images 1

Step3: Put this together, first glue a Face size circle to the Body circle.  Let it dry

Step4: Take the feet size circles and stick them to the bottom of the Body circle. Let it dry.

Step 5:  Stick the Ears crcle and stick them on top of the face.

Step 6: In the middle of the face stick the Nose cirle, Let it dry.

Step7: Place two Blue round dots/ Bindis top to make the face. Next, draw two blue circles onto a nose circle, then glue onto the face under the eyes.

Nursery rhyme crafts for toddlers - shape pigSuper cute circle penguin craft - I think this one is great for our shape theme next week in my preschool class: Other animals you can make from circles
You can ask children to identify biggest circle from this, thus introducing the concept of Big.
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Use one shape at a time. Do not introduce multiple shapes to create as the child would not be able to register the shapes at one go.

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