Adverbs describe actions or verbs – Adverb of Manner

Savitri Waldia
40 minutes
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Identify verbs and the words that describe the actions in a sentence .Use an adverb to modify a verb .Demonstrate a few actions and the adverbs that modify them through dumb charade .Use adverbs appropriately in a sentence .
To bring out the idea that an action acquires a different meaning when an adverb is added to it .For example : speaks - softly ,fast , loudly ,clearly etc depending upon the action .It will bring out the nuances of language through practice .
Some picture showing actions
A deck of cards with action words and the adverbs to match with .

Make a few actions in the class such as rub the blackboard first slowly then swiftly .

walk down the class isle at different pace and ask the children to define it .

Read a passage slowly ,fast ,loudly and softly and ask the children to differentiate each action correctly .

Explanation :- The words that modify and add to the meaning of a verb are called adverbs .

They tell us how an action is done . Adverb of manner

They tell where an action is done . Adverb of place

They tell when an action is done . Adverb of time

They tell how many times an action is done . Adverb of Frequency .

Sometimes they also tell how much an action is done . Adverb of degree .

Examples :

Adverb of manner : – Savita writes neatly . Mohit hits the ball hard .

If you ask how does Savita write ….the answer is neatly , which is adverb of manner . Similarly if you ask how does Mohit hit the ball …..the answer is hard .

The words that tell you how an action is done are called adverbs of manner .

Some oral exercises to be given on adverb of manner at this stage .

Pick out the adverb of manner from the sentences .

  1. Children finish your work quickly
  2. Ravi , speak loudly .
  3. Close the door softly
  4. Amrita sang the song melodiously .
  5. She worked diligently .

The other types of adverbs will be taken up in the next session .

Pick out the adverb of manner from the given paragraph .
What would you like to know about an action?
What word would tell you how an action is done . For example sing ....
jump ....swim....
Without an adverb will you be able to say something about an action ?
What does an adverb of manner tell you about an action ?
Accurate, Collaborative, Precise, Persuasive, Successful
Changes are made to adapt to the situation .
She can take the cue and bring in her own creativity and adapt to her requirements .

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