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Climate mapping for Multiple cities -India

Shilpa Singh
2 hours/ weekend project
Critical thinking
Remember, Understand, Application, Analysis
Climate mapping for Multiple cities -India
1. Learn to analyze how temperature recording leads to telling other geographic factors that play a role in regulating temperature.2.Learn to organize and tabulate data from by collecting from various sources of information
The underlying concept is to help students realize that latitudes play a major role in the climate difference between the cities
internet, map of India, note book

Mapping the Cities

Assign ten different cities from various parts of the country- North, South, East West and Central India

Ask them to map these cities in the Map of India with their Latitude and Longitudes.

Tabulate the data for each city under the following for 12 months:

City Name & latitude & Longitude        Avg temperature(High & Lo)     Avg Precipitation (mm)

Once done ask them to infer from the data collected above the following points:

  1. What do they see in the temperature for various cities?
  2. Why do they think there is change or shift in temperatures for cities in north and cites in other parts of the country
  3.  Do they see drastic variation or no variation in the cities day and night temperatures for these cities. If so then why?
  4. Can you identify what type of climate each city would fall in using the precipitation and temperature. Explain how

DO you think there is connect with the latitudes and temperature changes in which cities are situated? If so what is it
Accurate, Clearly explained, Complete, Knowledgeable, Methodical, Precise, Informative, Persuasive, Satisfying

Try to have 3 - 4 sets of cities which can be given to students so that they dont end up copying from each other and most of the cities of india get covered under this project. Secondly they will also understand why India is called a sub continent

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