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Concept of Subtraction- some strategies

Surekha Waldia
30 mins- 40mins
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Concept of Subtraction- some strategies
Students will be able to recall backward counting while learning subtraction Students will be able to calculate two digit subtraction (upto 20) Students will be able solve word problems
There are three different strategies which are listed in this activity to help students understand the concept of subtraction
buttons, blackboard, colored chalk, pencil colors, worksheets which students can work on based on these strategies

Strategy 1: Using Manipulatives or objects

Step 1: Take some colored buttons ( 20 buttons) on a check board.

Step 2: Speak aloud  that you are taking away 5 buttons from the 20 kept on the check board.

Step 3: Ask children to do back ward counting starting from 20 and reach the number which is left after removing 5 buttons.

You can apply this technique by calling every child in the class or make groups of 2 and give each group buttons or cards made of chart paper to do this activity.

Strategy 2: Count Back

Step 1: You can use a colored chalk for this.

Write a two digit number( ex 12) on the board and ask students to remove the number from it (ex 3)

                 12  ◊   ◊   ◊

                                                                                                 11  10  9

equation will be= 12 -3= 9

put the bigger number in your head and draw dots to help you count back and find the difference

Strategy 3: Visualize when solving word problems

Step 1: Ask students to visualize what is given in the word problem. for eaxmple :

Meera had 8 candies. She gave 3 candies to her friend. How many was she left with?

Step1: Meera= Ο Ο Ο Ο Ο Ο Ο Ο

Step 2: She GAVE= Ο Ο Ο

Step 3: Meera was left with=

equation: 8-3=

Refer to the site for more clarity:

Images of some of the practice worksheet has been uploaded
Download File Some of the key words which help concept of subtraction clear are= GAVE, ASKED, LEFT, EATEN, TAKE AWAY
Accurate, Complete, Methodical, Precise, Organized

Some of the key words which help concept of subtraction clear are= GAVE, ASKED, LEFT, EATEN

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