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Creative writing on the topic – School without homework ..

Savitri Waldia
40 minutes
Self-awareness, Critical thinking
Understand, Analysis, Creativity
Creative writing on the topic – School without homework ..
Enable students to think .Enable them to articulate their thoughts .Sequence the flow of thought .Give structure practice .
To make child think differently and be original .Develop confidence .
Key words , flow chart , brain storming questions .

Step 1 . Write the topic on the board .

School without homework 

Step 2 . Ask them how many of them agree with idea followed by why ?

This is where you will find a pause   Now ignite their imagination through some logical questions leading to the topic and write the answers on the board .

Q 1 . Tell me honestly how many of you enjoy doing your home work daily ?

Q2 . What makes you dislike the homework ?

Q3 . What would happen in the absence of homework ?

Q4 . Can you think of any alternative for the homework ?

Q5 . What do you think is the purpose of going to school ?

Q6 . Do you think homework helps in educating the students ?

Q 7 . Let’s find the solution to the problem .

Statement : The aim of education is cultivating good habits , learning to solve our problems and understanding our environment . I don’t think home helps the students in achieving these goals .Therefore the practice of homework should be done away . It should be replaced by more useful and sensible activities which are more meaningful and children would enjoy doing them .

You can ask them to precede it with their thoughts or add something or alter the whole thing and complete the paragraph . This exercise will enable them to think and write .

Tell them to summit the assignment after correcting it in peer groups .



Give them some more topics on similar lines . Such as - Say no to fast food .
Why are humans superior to other living beings ?
What would happen if we only mugged up the given answers without thinking or understanding them ?
When faced with a real problem in life what skill will help you ?
a . The information acquired so far .
b . Ability to think and take decision .
c . Analyzing a situation and take decision .
Give reasons why ?
Knowledgeable, Methodical, Coordinated, Organized, Well crafted/ articulated
There were changes in the pattern of questions based on the answers given by students since the answers don't always go on expected line . So the teacher should be flexible enough to adapt .
They can discuss the problem with students . Put down the points on board . After the brainstorming they can sequence the flow of ideas in a logical manner and ask the students to write the paragraph in their own words .

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