Step 1. Ask the children to name a few habits .

Step 2. Tell them to categorize the habits as good habits and bad habits .

Step 3 . Write them all on the black board .

Step 4 . Choose any one good habit and ask them how can it be formed .

Step 5 . List all that the points given by children and keep driving them to the point whenever they seem to go astray.

Step 6 . Ask the children to arrange them in a sequence in the order it takes place .

Step 7 . Give it an introduction using a saying or an important message .

Habit is second nature . Old habits die hard . Good habit is the foundation of a great character .

Step 8 . Ask the children to choose any one of the sentence and evolve it into a paragraph . They can give their own beginning too .

Step 9 . Give some conclusive lines to end the paragraph .

A good habit is a boon and key to success whereas bad habit is the bane of ones life and key to all the failures .