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Describing words

Savitri Waldia
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Describing words
To make learners use an adjective appropriately .To help them establish the relation between the word and its related quality through the given descriptions .
To help students collocate words meaningfully and thereby understand their nature ....or what part of a speech they belong to .
Pictures of certain animals , flowers , people , building etc which can be associated with the words that describe them .

warm up activity : Take examples from the surrounding area or the classroom itself .

1 The table is too big .

2 The blackboard is black .

3 The room is hot .

4 Water in the steel bottle is cool .

5 Gayatri is wearing a red scarf .

Now ask them to choose the words which are the names of something .

Tell them to find out which of these names have been described by a word .

Tell them to name those words .

Explanation : The naming words such as table ,blackboard,room,water,bottle,Gayatri,scarf are nouns .

Some of these words are being further described by other words . They are describing words or adjectives.

Choose the words that are being described .

They are table ,blackboard,room bottle,water .

Now find the words that describe these words .

Match the naming words with the words that tell about their quality .Naming words : Building ------------- Mango Lemon Egg Leave Describing words : Green ,sweet ,tall,sour,white
Tell three qualities of your father and mother each .
Is quality good / bad or it can be both
Can we describe an object by its number or weight .For example ..six pens ,two liter of milk .
Accurate, Clearly explained, Knowledgeable, Precise, Satisfying
You can make changes depending on the response of students . No plan is ever fixed or rigid .
Teachers can substitute various other exercises keeping the basics of the the concept intact .

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