1. At the beginning of the class Ask students to leave the Object of study  on their desk.
  2. Tell students that they are to list on paper everything that went into making the Object of Study from the time someone had the idea for that until the consumer purchased the object off the store shelf.
  3. Write on the chalkboard or overhead projector each of the things that went into making the object, as the class changes or modifies each thing on their paper. (Examples:Object of Study is a Candy bar- sugar, ink on wrapper, idea, machinery, advertiser, trucks for hauling, electricity, etc.)
  4. Once they have listed their points, then ask them which of the following required –
    • land
    • labor
    • capital
    • entrepreneurship
  5. Once they have categorized , its time to explain the definitions for each of the four factors of production & how each factor plays an important role in production of any kind of product
  6. Ask for any questions about the definitions