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Finger Painitng

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Finger Painitng
Kids learn how colors work, especially mixing primary colorsGood for Sensory IntegrationSenses of hearing, touching, smelling and tasting are usedImproves fine motor developmental, strengthens finger and hand musclesTherapeutic-express feelings without words Promotes social skills-sharing paint pots, taking turns, working together are all a good social experience Stimulates creativity and imagination If the finger painting is done on the floor kids use balance, large muscle control and spatial awarenessDevelops communication and language skills when done as a group activityLearn about color, shape and spatial relationships
Child learns to express his ideas using colors and learns to focus on the process of coloring rather than the finished product
Water colors, Paper, pencils, or if you have an object to paint

Finger Painting a Xmas Tree


Step 1:  On a plain paper draw a straight line and Three horizontal lines  as shown  belowInline images 1.

Step 2: Now put the color (Green, Red and Orange) on the palette and ask the child to dip a finger into the colors one at a time, and then press the finger onto the paper (on the branches). Try creating patterns with the colors on the branches. Make sure she washes the finger she used before using an other color, or starts with a new finger, so that she doesn’t contaminate the colors of her leaves

You can create many such things using finger printing techniques as shown in the images below.

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Related imageImage result for finger painting crafts

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These finger painting techniques can be used for senior classes also to make robots

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