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Neha Anand
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1. introduce the concept of greater than to kids via activity2. make students learn why a particular number s bigger than the other number3. do verbal exercises with children in class
Students will learn why a number is greater than the other number is because its a few numbers more than the other number. example- 3 is greater than 1 coz its 2 units more than 1
colored balls, 2 basket one bag.
Toffees/ candy

Step 1: Get a couple of colored balls in the class room.

Step 2:  Now start taking out the balls from the bag one by one and put them n a basket.

When you are taking out the second ball from the bag, emphasis on the word , ‘more’

Will take out one more ball from the bag. keep asking questions to the children eg: “So how many balls are there in the basket now?” If we bring n one more ball from the bag then how many balls are there now?

Now take the second basket and put in one ball in this empty basket. ask kids how many balls are there n the second basket.

Now ask them which basket has more balls. 1st or the 2nd one.

Let them think and answer. once they answer correctly, ask them why does the 1st basket has more than the second one.

Step 3: Make pairs  of the children  in the classroom

Give  one child 1 candy each. Now call one kid to stand in front and give 5 more candy to her. keep asking questions to the children eg: “So how many candy are there with the girl n front.? call second child and give him 1 more candy. Again ask the class how many does this boy have. Now finally ask So who has more candy among these two kids. Explain Why?”

Give worksheets of one more after this class. Next class introduce greater than sign.

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Ask questions like who has more candies. You can give more examples by drawing on board two columns ask questions
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ts better to show thngs to chldren becasue numbers are abstract for them, they learn by visualizing the objects first and then grasping the symbols.

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  1. Savitri Waldia

    To make the activity more effective let each child have two baskets with ten balls in each basket . Give each basket a name like A and B . Now ask the child to count the balls in each basket .The child gets an idea of = . We can now proceed with the idea of greater and smaller by adding a few balls from one basket to another basket and vice versa . This way child will experience the concept of greater than and smaller than . Once this experience has been repeated many times we can proceed with the idea of greater than and smaller than as symbols followed by practice .


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