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Heat Activity – Continual Convection Process

Surekha Waldia
30-40 mins
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Heat Activity – Continual Convection Process
1. Explain how conduction currents work in real life 2. Learn to apply continual convection process and how its being used in various natural phenomenon
Explaining children how conduction and convection work hand in hand. In various natural phenomenon like the weather system continual convection process is happening all the time
1 Candle and matches Balloon filled with water1 Candle and matches
  1. Light the bottom of the candle,  stick the candle on a surface.

    2. Fill a balloon with water and tie it. Make sure that you keep the balloon fairly small to avoid stretching the rubber too much.

    3. Light the candle and place the balloon over the flame so that the flame touches the balloon.

    4. Count slowly to ten and then remove the balloon from the flame. It should not have popped!

    5. Try the same experiment with an air-filled balloon… it should pop straight away.

    6. Try holding the water-filled balloon over the flame for a long time… does it eventually pop?

1.Using the continual convection currents concept can you explain what must be happening in the weather system and ocean currents? 2. Any other applications you can think of in daily life where we can use the concept of convectional currents? 3. Why do you think air filled balloon pops immediately when put above the candle flame? Explain the process. 4. Do you think convection currents are working within the earth core also. Ans:The hottest part of the earth is the center, where the pressure is greatest. Because of this temperature difference, the liquid magma in the earth's mantle also contains convection currents, just like a pot of boiling water.
Why do you think the water filled balloon does not pop immediately? What process is happening inside the balloon between the water, heat that's getting transferred to the candle?
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when teaching this concept it becomes exciting if you connect the concept of earthquakes to tectonic movement coz you will be able to engage the students interest too with this extra info that they will learn in Geography as a different concept

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