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Heat Activity – Convection

Shubhangi Mishra
30-40 mins
Critical thinking, Problem Solving
Remember, Understand, Application
Heat Activity – Convection
1. Explain the students the process of convection with this experiment2. Make them understand that heat is a form of energy3. Understand the concept of continual convection current, whereby the warming water rises and the cooling water falls.
How convection currents work with the heat of the melting candle getting absorbed by water, leaves an impact on the outer surface of the candle, resulting in the candle's strange transformation.
• Taper candle
• Large bowl
• Duct tape
• Cigarette lighter or candle
• Cold water
• Scissors

Step 1: Cut off four 4” lengths of duct tape to fasten the candle to the bottom of the bowl.

Step2: Fill the bowl with water just to the top of the candle. Be careful not to submerge the wick!

Step3: Light the candle!

Step4: Encourage students to observe what happens. The candle should burn all the way to the bottom of the bowl, leaving a thin tube of wax.

learning card for Transfer of Heat

Why did the candle burn differently when water was added to the bowl?
What do you think was happening to the water in the bowl?
Why do you think it was getting warm?
Do you think water is good conductor of heat in comparison to metals?
Why do you feel cold when you touch metal?
Accurate, Clearly explained, Knowledgeable, Precise

Would suggest if teachers do this activity in class it will definitely create interest in class for rest of the chapter

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