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I subject and predicate

Savitri Waldia
40 minutes
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I subject and predicate
Learners will be able to identify subject and predicates as two parts of a sentence They will be able to add a suitable subject to ta predicate and a suitable predicate to a subject .
To bring out the idea that the function of language is to enable you to tell and think what are we talking about and what do we want to say about the subject or the doer .
Blackboard , chalk , use of things in the classroom as subjects and a few pictures .

Step 1 . Look around and name anything you see nearby or in the class .

Step 2. Let’s say something about the object you identified .

You may ask the children to say something about the same subject . There will be different things and different sentences formed . For example : object identified was –  table –  Sentence 1 – Table is made of wood  . 2 – Table is heavy . 3 Table is broken at the corner .

Step 3 . A few more examples will be taken up before giving the explanation about the subject and the predicate .

Every sentence has a complete subject and a comple predicate .

Suject is what or who we are talking about in a sentence .

Predicate is what is being said about the subject .

Pin sentence no 1 , 2 and, 3 subject is table and what is being said about it is the predicate .

Subject :- subject is either a noun or a pronoun . It may come in the beginning ,middle or end of the sentence .

1 . A cold  wind  blew in the evening .

2 . Caught in crossfire , the car blew into flames .

3 . The carpenter repaired the table .

4 . She is  never late for office .

5 It  is not your fault .

Predicate :- What is being said about the subject constitutes the predicate . It contains the verb + object . Object is what receives the action done by the subject . In sentence no 3 carpenter is the subject , repaired is verb and table which received the action of being repaired is its object .

Step 4 . Give some oral drill asking to supply subject and predicate and identify the same in given sentences  to be followed by written exercises .

PPT as a Pdf has been uploaded from the link:

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Accurate, Methodical, Precise, Creative, Organized
To enable students understand the the concept .
They can change sequence of activity to suit their children and their requirements .

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