Importance of Hygiene (cleaning hands)

Surekha Waldia
10 mins
Array, Array
Remember, Understand, Application
Objective 1: This experiment works well when you want to explain the importance of cleanliness to the students and why is it important to wash hands every time we eat food.Objective 2: Children will become self aware of why is it important to clean hands and keep surroundings clean
Students will learn how fast germs spread from one person to another via this activity will be able to relate to the concept of maintaining hygiene
1 small bottle of Glitter dust

Step 1: This experiment was used to explain students of various age groups from (9-13 years) on why is it important to keep surroundings clean.

Step 2: After the introduction on the topic of cleanliness, a small amount of glitter was put on one child’s hand and he was asked to shake hands with students sitting next to them.

Step 3: The other student will shake hands with the person sitting next to him or behind him

Step 4: After five two- three mins just ask in the class ” how many children have got glitter on their hands?” Image result for image of glitter on hands

Step 5: It will be observed that 90% of the class has glitter on their hands

. With this we ask them one question- What did they observe/ conclude from this experiment? Online quiz
What did they observe/ conclude from this experiment?
Accurate, Knowledgeable, Informative

The excitement in this was inevitable because children were able to connect to the concept of germs spreading quickly by seeing how glitter was spreading in the class of 45 students within 3 mins. So they were able to connect to the concept of need for washing hands before and after each meal easily.

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