Step 1: Before we introduce the concept of ratio to the class, students should be asked to measure the length of the scale/ ruler they have in their pencil box. They should make a note down the measurements in centimeters.

Step 2: Students should be asked to measure the length of their desks/tables on which they write. They should note down the measurements for the same in centimeters.

Step 3: Now students should be asked simple questions like- how many times of their scale is the desk? b’coz scale is 1 unit here and the number of times scale was used to measure the desk was for example 3 then Desk is 3 times the size of scale
Or scale is 1 third the size of desk.
Now this can be written either as 1/3 or 1:3

Step 4: Give the example of Indian flag- the height to width ratio of the Indian Flag is 2:3
So for every 2 (inches, meters, whatever) of height there should be 3 of width.
If we made the flag 20 inches high, it should be 30 inches wide. If we made the flag 40 cm high, it should be 60 cm wide (which is still in the ratio 2:3)

Exercise: Ask them to draw the flag using 2:3 ratio n class in cms.