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Introduction to Constitution of a Country

Siddharth Yadav
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Introduction to Constitution of a Country
Students understand the word 'constitution'.Activities will help them understand what are the rules and laws that govern the country as one.
Make students understand that constitution of a country are the fundamental principles that govern the proper functioning of a country. they understand What is a Constitution and Why do we need a Constitution?
Chart paper, colored pens, pencils and scrap book or make a project file

Creating a Tree:

This activity involves showing the various parts of the constitution as a tree where the bark is the government and other branches are the judiciary, legislative and executive.

Each branch and its functioning can be shown in the tree which children will create with chart paper and stick it in their project file.

At the end of the project they should answer one question:

Why do they think we need so many branches in the democracy? They can write their answers in points and should be limited to max 75words.

Links that can be used in classroom:
What do you think makes a our country work smoothly and without bias? Support your answer with examples in your project
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