Introduction to multiplication- Japanese way

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1. Learn to multiply two digit numbers using a new technique2. Understand that there can be more than one way to solve a problem
Children learn that there are more than one way to solve a problem,.This method can help them check their calculations for bigger numbers where traditional method is very time consuming.
colored pens, chalks, paper and blackboard

Japanese Method of Multiplication:

Example used : Multiply 32 x 21 
Step 1 : Draw horizontal lines with respective to the numbers 3, 2 from 32
Step 2 : Draw vertical lines with respective to the numbers 2,1 from 21
Step 3 : Mark the intersections by the two lines, both horizontal and vertical lines called Nodes
Step 4 : Circle each intersection and write the number of nodes by the side (see image below )
Step 5 : The respective numbers from left to right is the answer.
japanese multiplication
Step 6: If there are two digits as seen below (23 and 41), keep the unit digit as such and carry over the tenth digit to the next intersection ( as seen for 14, where one carry overs the tenth digit). Add them together (see image again 1 is added to 8 ) to get the final answer
japanese multiplication


Reference link: (This source gives you the concept of place values behind Japanese Multiplication)
Download File Why do I always see the lines in the Japanese multiplication method on a diagonal or lines intersecting? (Hint: Place values)
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This method should be explained to students as an alternative method used for multiplying so that students can grasp the concept of Multiplication

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