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Introduction to Single Digit Addition- Kindergarten

2 periods
Problem Solving
Remember, Understand
Introduction to Single Digit Addition- Kindergarten
Objective 1: Student will be able to define terms of addition (more, add, total number, addition) that help them solve the problemObjective 2: The students will be able to add simple problemsObjective 3: The students will be able to create & solve word problem
Students will subtly understand the concept of addition and how this process is happening in everyday activties
Colored chalks

Step 1: To make it fun for the kids, gather all your students in a group.  Now introduce the concept of More or increase  by using students as “counters” to solve.

For example, to model 3 + 2, have three students stand in a group and have two more join them. Then have everyone count the students to find the sum.

Step 2: Repeat this activity with other items like blocks or toys so that children are able to understand the process.

For Example– i) Take blocks of two colors and put them in two baskets.

ii) Basket 1 has 4 blocks and Basket 2 has 3blocks. Make the children count these blocks in both the baskets separately.
iii) Now just mix all the blocks in both the baskets by putting them on a table. Ask the children to count the total number of blocks on the table.

This way repeat this exercise 3-4 times using the blocks with different numbers.

Step3: After 3-4 times of repetition, now make objects like balls , apples fruits etc on the black board and Put them in squares as show in Fig 1.

Now make them count the fruits in two separate boxes.

After that ask them how many ‘total’ fruits are there including apple and oranges.
Do this activity with more objects until its clear to them that how things are getting totaled up or numbers increasing.
We get one more                    We get one more

Image result for fruits in a square =1 apples        Image result for fruits in a square = 2 apples  Image result for fruits in a square =  3 apples

Step4: Once you are confident that everyone in the class has understood, then tell the kids, that writing ‘one More’ is taking time taking, so we will now make a small sign or symbol.
Now again repeat the step 3 , but putting the ‘+’ sign.

Step 5: This way as a teacher you are also very clear how things are progressing in the class and where children are unable to grasp the concept.

Some ways to create your own worksheet:

Image result for worksheets for nursery maths addition
Keep asking questions at every level as to what do they see when every number gets added. What you need to get out of the children is- That quantity keeps INCREASING!
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