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Introduction to Spray Painting

Neha Anand
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Introduction to Spray Painting
1. Children will learn a new technique of creating new form of craft with colors 2. Learn to take instructions from teachers for new art. Though it is an open-ended or ‘unstructured’ activity, crafts are goal oriented or ‘structured’.”
1.Crafting Helps Kids Communicate Their Feelings and also acts as a benchmark for them to keep improving themselves by looking back at their previous creations 2.
Paper/ Canvas/ Fabric Acrylic Paint/ Water Colors A glass of Water (for the dilution of paint) Tape/ Stencils (flower,leaves, trees, star, animals, clouds ) Tooth Brush Hand Towel/ Tissue Paper

Step 1: Things to prepare to use a toothbrush for spray painting:

  • Take the paint and dip the tooth brush in it.
  • Press the bristles of the brush with your thumb and take it in a backward direction.
  • Holding the brush near to the surface will get the thicker dots and cover the smaller area whereas holding it far will cover large area with small dots.

Step 1: Put a stencil or tape on the desired surface and area. Either you can randomly spray paint on the surface or you can use a stencil work too. In addition to both the cases you can also first draw a design of your own on the canvas and put the tape over the area you don’t want the spray work to be showed. Clean the edges and soft corners with a help of a craft knife for the desired shape of the tape that is put.

Step 2: Aim it at the paper and you will get the texture like the one in the sheet. You can also use twspray painting using toothbrush step 2o or three colors together.

Step 3: Once you’re done with the spray work. Remove the stencil/tape and enjoy the design you have made.

While they are busy working on their art piece, you can suggest them to make cards or bookmarks using this new art work they have learned
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