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Mintzberg Managerial Roles

Princy Vij
2 classes- Class 1 role play class 2- explaining Mintzberg Mangerial Roles
Self-awareness, Empathy, Critical thinking, Problem Solving
Remember, Understand, Application, Analysis

Mintzberg Managerial Roles
To be able to understand the role of a manager in an organisation.
To understand the importance of multi-facet personality one should develop to become a successful manager

Step 1: Let’s begin the class with a situational analysis. Take 10-12 students from the class and divide the class into four groups:

Group 1:  The Organization which is launching the product (define the CEO, HR, marketing and Sales Dept)

Group 2: the PR agency.

Groupc3:The advertising agency.

Group4 : are the vendors/ retailers.

Step 2: Give them the task of the pdt launch with the following things to be kept in mind:

  • The advertisement of the product should be scheduled and a brief has to be given to the agency for developing the advertisements.
  • The press release should be taken care of for the media and details about the pdt needs to be given in that
  • The whole organization should be informed of the new product, its launch date etc.
  • The retailers and different local agents have to be finalized who will be marketing the products in their area
  • Time duration given for launch is 1.5 months which is equivalent to 15mins of the classroom. At the end of the launch- there should be a press release ready of 15 lines. One Advertisements about the pdt to be launched should be ready. They can get creative and make a drawing or write a slogan etc. Vendors / retailers should have the pdt with them and they should know the features of the pdt. Company should be able to coordinate with every organization with whon its working about the launch of the pdt.
  • Condition 1: In case the Company feels that they are unable to launch the pdt within 1.5 months then they have the chance of pushing the launch date fwd. But that call they will be able to take in the last two weeks only before the launch (in our case 3-4 mins before deadline)
  • The rest of the  class will observe the role play by their peers.

Step 3: Once the role play is over ask the children who were observers what various managerial roles were supposed to be played by these 10-12 students and what went right or wrong in the scene.

Ask the following questions to them?

Elicit the roles which had interpersonal roles, informational roles and decision roles. Explain why do you call them so.

Why do you think the Company was able to launch the product on time. Or According to you what went wrong with the Company that had to reschedule the launch


On this coming Sunday, get up with your mother and make a small diary note listing the activities that she has been doing the whole day at home. Now, carefully group the activities under various roles that has been listed in this chapter. Is'nt your mother the best manager?
Download File Have you ever wondered how you boss your younger sibling at home and take instructions from your seniors at school? Is it an switch in your personality or you are just performing two different roles?
Accurate, Clearly explained, Knowledgeable, Precise, Coordinated, Organized, Well crafted/ articulated, Informative

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