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Measurement- length vocabulary introduction

Siddharth Yadav
40 mins
Critical thinking
Remember, Understand, Application
Measurement- length vocabulary introduction
1. make children understand the concept of length 2. at the end of the class children wud have used small blocks to measure the various objects they have been given.3. learn to connect numbers with the concept of measurement
Its important children understand the concept of measurement one dimension at a time. There are multiple dimensions and length, weight, time are couple of them. secondly they need to understand how we can measure these dimensions in various ways.
picture cards
small equal blocks
sticks or woollen strings of different length
white sheet to stick
measurement or observation sheet
glue stick

Introducing new Vocabulary of Long and Short

Step 1: We begin the class by revising the concept of Big and Small  which was introduced to them in Pre nursery or nursery class.

Step2: You pick a few things in the classroom which are big and small and ask the children questions like : Is the Duster bigger than the chalk

Is rubber bigger than the color pencil

Now you ask them to find something in the classroom which is bigger than the other.

Once you have picked up four five examples and are confident that children know the concept of Big and Small now introduce new words-  long and short (लम्ब्बा या नाटा) and tell them we can also call Big as Long and small as Short

Step 3: Now give them a set of twigs which either you have collected or can ask children to collect in the same class if you have time.

Step 4: Ask children to pick the stick which is the longest or biggest among the set they have.

Once they have identified the longest one ask them to paste it on their sheet.

Step 5: repeat the same exercise of finding the longest one in the leftover sticks. Ask them to paste it.

Like this continue the identifying and pasting process until all sticks are pasted in their sheets in an order.

Step6: Once the sticks have been pasted ask them describe what do they see in their sheets. Record their observations.

In the next post I will add on how to introduce the concept of  measuring the length in Kindergarten.


1. you can do this activity with Crayons, colored paper strips, Leaves and give it as a weekend homework.
Ask children to observe what they see in the paper after sticking the materials
Accurate, Complete, Knowledgeable, Creative, Entertaining

In all kind of activities esp with kindergarten children, making them stick or collect things brings in more interest among students. SO if time permits, do take children on nature walk and ask them to collect material which you can use in the above described activity.

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