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Mock Weather Report

Shilpa Singh
2-3 weeks
Critical thinking, Problem Solving
Remember, Understand, Application, Analysis

Mock Weather Report
1.To help students understand how everyday temperature changes in the weather cause change in the precipitation2. Gather, organize and analyze weather information3. Develop an oral and written report for the same4. Understand the importance of weather symbols
Students need to understand how weather over a period of time affects the precipitation of a particular area and will b able to apply the this concept with season change and wind patterns across the globe
paper pen, internet/ newspaper, color pencils. If submitting it as a ppt- Then Power point presentation , computer

Step 1: Divide the class into groups of 4-5 students depending on the class strength.

Step 2: Ask them to record the weather report for the whole month for the city they are residing in. The can check local newspaper or log onto various weather apps available online

Step3: Student are supposed to record the data in a particular manner and use the weather symbols to depict their report. The format is attached below.

Step 4: To make it fun they can present their reports in the form of a weather forecaster.

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Some questions to be asked in the project:
1. Why do you think there is there is a change in temperatures? or there is not much fuctuations in the temperature?
2. Why is precipitation showing for the particular month or is not showing for that particular month? Can you site the reason for this.
Do you see in the change of sun rise and sunset? If yes, then what do infer from that with respect to Sun's movement
Accurate, Clearly explained, Knowledgeable, Collaborative, Methodical, Precise, Coordinated, Creative, Organized, Well crafted/ articulated

If possible let children present the project as a weather forecaster in classroom and present it in the form of group ppt. you will be able to assess their collaboration and coordination skills much effectively.

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