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Prepositions of direction

Savitri Waldia
40 minutes
Critical thinking, Effective communication
Understand, Application
Prepositions of direction
Learners will be able to Use prepositions showing directions and the movement correctly and meaningfully .
To differentiate the prepositions of direction from prepositions of position and time depending on the usage .
Some flash cards showing pictures illustrating prepositions of direction , black board , chalk and duster .

Step 1 . Direction and movement can be indicated by prepositions such as :- to,towards ,for ,against ,into ,at ,from ,off, out of , through, over,along ,across, round ,up ,down etc .

Step 2 . I am going to school . I am going towards school . Both indicate direction but meanings are different .. To means school is the destination but towards only tells I the direction of school .

Step 3 . Don’t laugh at him . The ball fell into the pond . Father left for office . Don’t lean against the wal .

The preposition into shows an inward movement ,for show beginning of a movement and against shows the pressure falling on the wall ,

Coming from , fell off the table ,flew out of the cage show some kind of movement .

Step 4 . Give exercise for practice in class as well home .

Step 5 . Ask children to use some of the prepositions in sentences of their own .

They can also demonstrate some of prepositions by enacting in class such as , into , out of , through , off , from against etc .

Fill in the blanks with correct prepositions . Underline the prepositions of direction in the given sentences .
Download File Say true or false .
Don't laugh on her .
The ball fell of the table .
She walked into the class .
The bird is out from the box .
Accurate, Complete, Organized, Successful
Make sure that the children understand the meaning each preposition is making while using them .

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