Prepositions of position

Savitri Waldia
40 minutes
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Learners will be able to use prepositions accurately denoting the position they show with respect to the other object or word in the sentence .
Bring out the subtle differences between two prepositions through practice which otherwise may go un noticed .
Flash cards depicting position of an object through pictures , blackboard , chalk and duster .

Step 1. Discuss different positions in the pictures using variou prepositions for them such as in ,under,at ,on ,beside,behind ,beyond ,above ,over,under,between etc .

Step 2 . At and in :- ‘ At ‘ points towards the exact point or a smaller area within a larger area whereas ‘ in ‘ gives the idea of a bigger place containing smaller areas . For example I live at Valley View in Gurgaon . Valley View is a smaller and exact place where I live and it is in Gurgaon which is a bigger place and contains valley view .

Step 3 . Between and among :- Between is used for two persons or things whereas among is used for more than two . For example :- There are long standing disputes between India and Pakistan . One feels happy among friends .

Step 4 . On and upon :-  We use on while speaking of things in rest position while upon is used to show some kind of movement or motion . For example :-

The bird was sitting on the wall . The cat sprang upon the table . Once upon a time there lived a king .

Step 5 . Under and below :-  We use under when something is directly hidden by something or vertically down . The cat is under the table . We use below when something is part of it and situated under it . Don’t hit below the belt . The sun set below the horizon not under the horizon .

Step 6 . Exercises to be given on use of each pair of preposition for further practice .

Differences to made explicit by using them in sentences .

Refer to the PPT link below:

Exercises to be given on use of various preposition to bring out the difference Complete worksheet on Preposition:
Download File Is the plane flying over your head or above your head ? Is the chin below the lips or under the lips ?
Is the fan over your head or above your head ?
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Examples can vary
Examples can be given to bring out meaning . Teacher should keep in mind the examples children can relate to .

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