Prepositions of time

Savitri Waldia
40 minutes
Array, Array
Understand, Application
Learners will be able to differentiate between on and at , within and in ,since and for ,along with how and when to use a preposition appropriately .
To bring out the nuances of English language .
Play cards or flash cards bringing out the difference through pictures .

Step 1 . Give  children a few  wrong or right exercises to bring out their previous knowledge .

a. Our exams are in March  . True / false .

b. The board exams are going to start on March . True / false

c. My birthday is on 14 March . True / false

d. I have been waiting for ten o’clock . True / false

Step 2 . Preposition  at is used to denote a definite point of time such as :-

At three in the morning , at midnight , at the end of the meeting etc

Step 3. Preposition on is used with days and dates . For example :-  She will be back on Monday .Deepawali is on Friday .Teachers ‘ Day is on 5 th september .

Step 4 . In is used to show the part of time in terms of morning , evening , month ,year or season . For example :-  I got up in the morning . We are going to Nainital in our summer vacations . My birthday comes in March .

Step 5 . We use by to show latest time by which an action will be over .

For example :- The show will be over by 6 o’ clock in the evening .you must back by ten o’ clock .

Step 6 . Since and for :  –  We use since to show a definite point of time . Such as :- I have been living here since 1996 . Point of time is 1996 .

We use for to show an indefinite period of time . Such as :-  He has been living here for ten years . Which ten years we don’t know .

Step 7 . Give exercises on each type of preposition for practice and then followed by mixed up prepositions .


PPT Link has been converted to the PDF file attached below:

Set assignments on prepositions of time .
Download File Do you get up in the morning or at the morning ? Would you meet in the end of a meeting or at the end of the meeting ?
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