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Savitri Waldia
40 minutes
Critical thinking, Effective communication
Understand, Application
Learners will be able to identify prepositions in a sentence and use them correctly .
To reveal the position , direction and movement denoted by prepositions in a sentence .
Blackboard ,chalk , chart showing prepositions and their use . Pictures showing positions or directions denoted by various prepositions .

Step 1. Look around the class and ask a few questions to elicit answers as prepositions .

Q1 . Where is your book ?

Ans :   The book is on the table .

Q2. Where is your pen ?

Ans : The pen is in the pencil box .

Q3. Where is your friend sitting ?

Pans :  She is sitting next to me .

Step 2 . Ask the children about the function of the underlined words .

In sentence no 1 on shows the relation between book and table , in sentence no 2 the word in shows the relation between pen and box and in sentence no 3 the word next shows the relation between she and me .

Preposition is a word that shows in what relation a noun or a pronoun stands with another word in a sentence .

This should follow a few oral and a few written exercises on prepositions .

Step 3.Display a list of various prepositions and arrange them in groups of prepositions of time , position and direction .

Prepositions of time :-  in , at , on , by , within , for , since etc .

Preposition of position :- on , under , in ,above , below , between , among ,beside , near , Infront of , behind , next to beyond , inside , outside etc .

Preposition of direction :-  to ,from , towards , of , off

Step 4 . Give exercises on each type of preposition through oral questioning , filling the blanks and other exercises .

Make children demonstrate a few situations for using some of these prepositions like behind , Infront , under , on , in , into ,between ,among , by , with etc .

Step 5 . Tell those fine differences between two prepositions similar in meaning like between and among , in and into , by and with , over and above , under and below etc .




Give exercises on identification , use ,filling the blanks and choose the correct proposition .
Download File What is the difference between in and into ?
Do you distribute something between you two or among the two ?
Complete, Knowledgeable, Organized, Satisfying
Questions were changed to suit the students .
They should have alternative exercises with different level of difficulty to enable all type of students to participate .

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