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Present Continuous Tense

Savitri Waldia
40 minutes
Critical thinking, Effective communication
Remember, Understand, Application
Present Continuous Tense
Learners will be able to use present continuous tense correctly while speaking and writing . They will become familiar with the rules and apply them correctly .
To make the students find , discover and understand the application of present continuous tense through practice and exposure .
Black board , chalk , duster , a few flash cards / chart on present continuous tense .

Step 1. Write a few sentences using present continuous tense on board .

Step 2. Ask a student to read them .

Step 3. Ask another student to enact the action before the class and then repeat the sentence using action .

Step 4. Ask children to frame a few sentences in the given tense using the pattern of the sentences written on board .

Step 5. Now is the time to observe the rules regarding the verb . Ask questions on auxiliary / helping verbs their singular and plural forms , use of ing in the main verb etc . Tell them that is, are ,am are the present forms of the auxiliary verb ‘be ‘ .

Step 6. Give them a few sentences with errors in the use of helping verbs and the main verbs and ask them to identify the error .

Step 7. Write the wrong and correct sentence along side for a comparison .

Step 8. Now give them a few situations and ask them to frame sentences using present continuous tense .

a. Situation – Describe  the action you see Infront of you .

Think of an activity you are in middle of . For example : I am

painting a pot . It means the pot is not yet completely painted

Talk of an action you or someone is in the habit  of doing

frequently such as : My sister is always losing her books .

Step 9. Now write down the rules on board : subject followed by auxiliary / helping verb is/ are/ am  + main verb + ing followed by rest of the sentence .

Step 10 . Give some oral practice followed by written exercises to confirm the learning outcome .

give exercises to change the simple present tense into present continuous tense . Exercises with error in the use of auxiliary . Lastly ask hem to describe a scene using present continuous tense to tell what the people are doing in the scene . It can be a picture composition .
Which tense will you use to describe an action you usually do ?
Which tense will you use to describe an action in progress ? What are the present form of the verb ' be' ?
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