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Reading comprehension

Savitri Waldia
40 minutes
Critical thinking, Effective communication
Understand, Analysis, Evaluate
Reading comprehension
Learners will be able to read and understand a paragraph and answer the questions from the passage . They will be able to relate the paragraph to some real life situations an d also examine it critically .
Enable students to understand the text to be able to answer , paraphrase and analyse the content .
Text book , dictionary , blackboard and chalk .

Step 1 . Write the topic on board and ask questions related to the topic so as to make some guesses to validate the relevance of the title .

Step 2 .  Pick out a few key words from the passage and write them on the board .

Step 3 . Discuss the words with some context in real life to bring out the meaning .

Step 4 . Now read the passage meaningfully with correct pronunciation and intonation for the first time .

Step 5 . Ask children some straight and direct questions from the passage to develop interest and check whether they were paying attention .

Step 6 . During this question hour session most of the information given in the passage will come out from the students .

Step 7 . Now is the time to go for inferential questions which are a level above the direct questions . This will need some explanation .

Step 8 . Ask the the students to read the passage aloud .

Step 9 . Give a them an assignment on reading comprehension which includes reading of the next passages and answering the given questions .


Short questions from an unseen passage with equivalent difficulty level .
Why do you read newspaper ?
What do you get to learn from a magazine ?
How is a dictionary helpful in reading ?
Clearly explained, Knowledgeable, Precise, Organized, Informative
Questions asked from text can be changed to enable student' s response . Depending on the level of students reading stretagy can be changed .
There are different strategies for reading . They should keep the Childen' s level of understanding in mind while making the choice .

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