Simple Machines- creating a one using two or more simple machine

Surekha Waldia
2 hours/ weekend project

1.Learn about the six types of simple machines. 2. Learn that simple machines make it easier to do tasks. 3. Design, build, and demonstrate a machine that solves a problem, and that incorporates at least two simple machines.
Students will be able to apply & analyze the information on simple machines to create a more complex one

The Project involves giving children project to use two or more than two simple machines which they have learn in classroom and explain about their project using the given format in the attachment section.

Some examples: Cranes, elevators, wheel barrow


Download File Some Questions to ask during the class: 1. Why do people use Simple machines? 2. When are simple machines most effective? 3. To what extent is simple machine is most efficient in a given situation?
Accurate, Clearly explained, Complete, Knowledgeable, Collaborative, Precise, Creative, Effectively designed, Well crafted/ articulated, Satisfying

You can give this project to be completed in groups.

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