Speaking skill – topic – Cricket a Craze in India

Savitri Waldia
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Understand, Analysis, Creativity
1. Learners will be able to articulate their ideas .2 . They will be able to respond to the speaker and put their point of view .3. They will be able to speak with proper modulation of their voice .
To enable students to shed their inhibitions and speak their mind irrespective of accent , grammar or pronunciation .
Blackboard , chalk , duster , flash cards with clues and pictures . - Cricket a Craze in India .

Step 1 . Write the topic on the black board and show the pictures of latest cricket matches .

2 . Ask them to identify the players ,venue and the result of the match .

3 . After the warming up ask a few questions to initiate the conversation .

a . Who is your favorite cricket player ?

b . Which was the last match you saw ?

c. Who won the match ?

d  How do you feel when your favorite team loses the match ?

e . Tell some of the things you do to make your team win while watching the match on t.v.

f. Do you watch the other games with the same interest you watch cricket ?

g. How did you feel when India failed to win a single gold in the last olympics ?

h . Don’t you think that craze for cricket is taking away the due importance of the other games ?

Think and make a short speech based on the above above question and their answers . End it with your final view on the topic – Cricket a craze in India .


Prepare a short speech on our national game ' Hockey ' .
What has made cricket so popular as against the other games .?
Name three games which are more popular than cricket in other parts of the world such as U .S. A. , France , China .
Clearly explained, Complete, Knowledgeable, Creative, Organized, Well crafted/ articulated, Entertaining, Informative
The questions were adapted to the current matches played .
She can ask questions based on the response she gets from her or his students .

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