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Subtraction 1-10 without using symbol

Surekha Waldia
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Subtraction 1-10 without using symbol
1. Learn to subtract in single digit 1-9 2.Multiple activities done to explain how reduction takes place 3.Numbers used to explain the concept of subtraction 4. Solve questions on subtraction without using the symbol ( - )
Explain the students that the process of taking away leads to reduction and that's how subtraction has been developed to put the idea of reduction in numbers
work sheet for practice, beads and blocks for class activity

Step1: Introduction of Subtraction as a concept

Begin the class with the introducing them to the idea of ‘ taking away/ giving away/ cutting’. Ask them simple questions which they can relate to in their life like:

  1. If you have two candies/ chocolates/ biscuits and you give away (दे दो) one (1) of it to your teacher/ mother/ friend then what happens? Do you have more ज्यादा  candies left or less कम?
  2. Now repeat the same example by demonstrating it with beads/ blocks which you have.

a) Keep 4 blocks  on the table. Now say ‘ I take away (ले लेती) 1 block from the table’ so do you think less कम blocks are left on the table.

b) Do this exercise a few more times with different numbers between (1-9) so that they are well versed with the concept of reduction.

c) Now repeat this same exercise on the blackboard, by drawing pictures of ice cream sticks/ ball/ flower.

Cut out 4 balls from here:

Related imageRelated imageRelated imageRelated imageRelated imageRelated imageRelated imageRelated imageRelated imageImage result for image of line


When you strike 4 balls then ask children to count the remaining ones. let them answer . Ask them again to repeat the statement in different ways-

Like: By striking away 4 balls we were left with 5 balls out of 9 balls

or out of 9 balls when 4 were struck off then 5 balls were left

or SO when we strike away the number decreases or reduces कम हो जाता है

Continue doing like this for next 10mins with a few more examples so that children are absolutely clear with the concept of cutting/ striking away leads to reduction in numbers

In the end you can give them practice sheets like given in the worksheet to be done at home.

In the next class introduce the concept of (-) to the children
Download File What is happening to numbers when we take away or give away or strike away?
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you need to be very creative in class esp use images and objects so that children can relate with the concept

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