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Tie & Dye- Textiles

Surekha Waldia
1 hour
Critical thinking, Creative thinking
Remember, Understand, Application
Tie & Dye- Textiles
1.Tie & dye is a technique used to color clothShow them how various designs can be created by this method2.Will understand how colored clothes are made 3.Designs are created on clothes
Tie and dye is a technique to color the clothes and lot of thinking and planning goes behind this activity. Its important for children to relate how creativity with planning makes something beautiful.
rubberbands or jute string
dye color
warm water

Four simple techniques that can be used with children in class to create a tie n dye design:

  • Bull’s Eye or Sunburst design: Pull up a large section of fabric like a tee pee through both layers where you want the circle to be. The more you pull up, the larger the circle will be. Wrap rubber bands tightly around the fabric every 1″ to 2″ apart along the length of it. The more rubber bands, the more white areas there will be. The rubber bands create a resist and prevent the dye from going into those areas.
  • Small Circles: Pull up small sections of fabric through both layers all over the shirt and tie one rubber band tightly around each circle.
  • Scrunch or Marbleized Effect: Start at bottom of shirt and crumple up all the fabric into a ball. Wrap 5 to 7 rubber bands tightly around the ball in a crisscross pattern.


Extra info on textiles:
1. Why do you think color spread so unevenly around the areas where the string or the rubber band was tied?

2. Some of the area did not get colored but retained the original color of the cloth. WHy
Knowledgeable, Collaborative, Methodical, Creative, Organized

This activity can be connected with arts & crafts period but students then can bring their work in the EVS class.

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