Understanding Pronouns

Savitri Waldia
40 minutes
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Learners will be able to identify the pronouns in a sentence .They will be able to use the pronouns in place of nouns where required They will be able to list the personal pronouns .
Understanding the use of pronouns to make communication natural , spontaneous and add finesse to it .
Blackboard , chalk ,duster and a few flash cards showing list of personal pronouns .

Step 1. Read or write a few sentences with pronouns in it .

Step 2. Ask the students who they represent or point to in a sentence .

Step 3. Rewrite the sentence using the noun instead of the pronoun .

For example : 1 Prakash , go and get your book . It is on the table .

2 Prakash go and get Prakash’s book . Book is on the table .

Q. Which of the two sentences is better ?

Q2What is odd in the second sentence ?

Explanation : Pronouns are the words used in place of nouns .

We never use a pronoun for the first time . It is always used in place of a noun .

Example : He is absent today .

‘ He ‘ has no identity therefore will lead to the question who ?

We have to precede the sentence with a noun . We will write …Where is Ramesh ? Ans will be … He is absent today .

Give exercises for practice using different pronouns .

Write down the personal pronouns and use them in sentences  and ask who are they being used for .

1 I like banana .

Q. Who is I ?

Ravi , why didn’t you do your homework ?

Q. Who do ‘ you ‘ and ‘ your ‘ point to in the above sentence?

Like this ask a few questions using different type of pronouns .

Step 4 . Tell them about the pronoun ‘it ‘ and it’s use .

‘ It ‘ is usde for no living things and animals .

For example : I have dog . It’s name is Robert .

Trees are our friends .

They help in keeping the environment fresh and cool .

Ask them to identify the pronouns and the nouns they have been used for .

Now also introduce the singular and plural forms of pronouns with their use in sentences .

Give a mixed list of these pronouns and ask them to separate the singular from plurals .

It , they , he ,she ,them , their , her .his .we , us , our , I .


Give exercises ranging from fill in the blanks with correct pronoun to replacing the nouns with their pronouns and MCQs . 1. http://education.yourdictionary.com/parts-of-speech/pronouns/pronoun-worksheets.html 2. http://files.havefunteaching.com/free-worksheets/grade/third/language/pronoun-worksheet-3.pdf 3. http://files.havefunteaching.com/worksheets/grade-level/first-grade/language/pronoun-worksheet.pdf
What do we use in place of a noun ?
Which pronoun is used for non living things and animals ?
What is the plural for he , she and it ?
Accurate, Collaborative, Precise, Organized, Successful
It is done to suit the class requirements and level of students .
One can follow different approaches which may include direct method of using the language and then give explanation or explanation followed by practice .

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