Understanding the corelation between crops and temperatures

Surekha Waldia
1 hour
Objective 1- The student will learn to recognize the various states in the map of India and learn to connect it with the crops that are growing in that region. Objective 2- Student will be able to connect the crops and the months in which they grow. That ways student will be able to analyze the various temperatures that are prevailing in the country all round the year and how these affect the growth of the various crops
Students will find the correlation between the crops and climate for them to grow effectively.

Step 1:
Students are given the assignment to collect five crop seeds which they have learned in the class on various crops of India. This is a weekend assignment.

Step 2: In the political map of India they are supposed to paste two crops growing in various parts of the country and mark the months and temperature at which they grow per map.

Step 3: Stick the map on the plain side of the note book and on the ruled side they should create a table which has following observations:
Name of the Crop State Months Temperature

Step 4: Under each table student write his analysis of what he is seeing in every map. for example-
Wheat is growing in months of November- April all over the country or various states when the temperature varies from 14C- 24C
Thus I conclude that wheat grows best in cool temperatures.

Information on Wheat to be shared with Students: http://www.sites.ext.vt.edu/virtualfarm/wheat/wheat_08.html Reference Links: http://sciencenetlinks.com/lessons/crops-1-where-does-food-come-from/
Download File On the basis of temperature and months can the crops be differentiated into Kharif and Rabi crops. Is weather important to farmers? Why or why not?
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On submission day, took a small quiz just to see how much children have understood the assignment. This way it became clear to me as a teacher that I need to work a little more on making the children understand relation between the crops and temperature.
My suggestion wud be if possible a big map can be created like this for the class board with all the crops and temperatures marked on it. This will give student the ability to co relate the two for a longer duration. Students loved this activity because it was a homework and they got to discuss it with the parents and put in some extra efforts to collect the materials for the activity

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