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Vocabulary Building

Savitri Waldia
40 minutes
Creative thinking, Problem Solving
Understand, Analysis
Vocabulary Building
learnres will be able to acquire new vocabulary and make passive vocabulary active by using it and identifying the hidden words .
Turning passive vocabulary active .Creating interest in vocabulary building exercises
Flash cards with jumbled words .
Crossword puzzles with clues and hints .

Step 1 . Conduct a short quiz  consisting of what’s the good word 

 Example :- we use it for cutting fruits or vegetables .

                        Doctor uses it for listening heartbeats of his patients.

                        We tie it around waist 

                         A place where monks live .

Step 2 . It’s time to give them the crossword  puzzle  based on the target vocabulary From the lessons they have done .

Step 3 . You may now quickly form groups and ask each group to pick out some key words from the lesson and turn them into jumbled words . Tell them the number of words they have to pick out .

Step 4 . Whichever group does it first will get the chance to quiz first .

Step 5 . To end the exercise whichever group scores maximum points is the winner .

Step 6 . All these words can be written down in the notebook .

Children will learn them faster as they have a ownership to the assignment .

Give some crossword puzzles and ask them to form a few of their own .
What's the good word , who am I , name the description etc .
Accurate, Complete, Effectively designed, Well crafted/ articulated, Successful
In case no one was able to answer then alternate questions should be ready .
They must have alternate quizzes ready depending on the difficulty level of students .

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