Step 1 . Conduct a short quiz  consisting of what’s the good word 

 Example :- we use it for cutting fruits or vegetables .

                        Doctor uses it for listening heartbeats of his patients.

                        We tie it around waist 

                         A place where monks live .

Step 2 . It’s time to give them the crossword  puzzle  based on the target vocabulary From the lessons they have done .

Step 3 . You may now quickly form groups and ask each group to pick out some key words from the lesson and turn them into jumbled words . Tell them the number of words they have to pick out .

Step 4 . Whichever group does it first will get the chance to quiz first .

Step 5 . To end the exercise whichever group scores maximum points is the winner .

Step 6 . All these words can be written down in the notebook .

Children will learn them faster as they have a ownership to the assignment .