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Subject: EVS , Class: Class I

Name of Chapter


Start and end dates

08/10/2020 to 08/11/2020

Number Of Periods


Concept to be covered


Primary Life Skill

Decision Making

Secondary Life Skill

Identify the Key Learning Domains

Remembering means recall facts and basic concepts, Application means use information in new situation

Select the key verbs



Using the selected key verbs write your learning outcome/s

fvgvgtbg rgbgtbthb

gbgbgh hbh b

Essential Questions

Five Senses and Human body : What can we do with our senses?
Why do we need our senses?
Own question

Suggested Activities

Television shows/ VideosDrawing Illustrations

Teaching approach/ instructional strategy

Question and Answer Oriented

Activity in details with respect to the pedagogy chosen

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Technology links to be used in classroom


Check for understanding

check for understanding

HOTS/ reflective question/s

hots questions

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