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class VII

Key Concepts

acids, bases, indicator, neutralization, salt, basic, acidic, reactions

essential questions

1. How does our understanding of the properties of acids and bases help us in our everyday lives?
2. How can we tell if a solution is an acid or base?
3. What happens when acids and bases react?
4. How do we determine if common household substances are acids, bases or neutral?


  1. State a few properties of acids
  2. State a few properties of bases.
  3. Give some examples of acids and bases.
  4. Define indicators. Give some examples.
  5. Name the source from which litmus solution is obtained. What is the use of this solution?


  1. Describe the process of neutralization.
  2. What is acid rain? How is pollution a cause for acid rain?
  3. What is neutralization process?


  1. Why do we need indicators?
  2. What will happen when dried turmeric paste come in contact with a basic solution? Can you highlight one such example that occurs everyday
  3. We have neutral indicator prepared by china rose petals which is pink in colour. There are two liquids given in a beaker and we need to find out which is acidic and which is basic in nature. How will you come to know their nature?
  4. How do we control soil acidity?
  5. What are salts? How are they made?
  6. If one is bitten by an ant, which powder paste can you apply that is readily available in our kitchens? Give reasons for that. Give the chemical name for the same
  7. Ammonia is found in many household products,  such as windows cleaners. It turns red litmus blue. What is its nature?
  8.  When soap is dissolved in water, the solution changes the color of red litmus to blue. What is its nature?


  1. Why does the test tube warm after the neutralization process is over?
  2. What happens when soil is acidic? why is it bad for plants?
  3. Boojho decided to add dilute sulphuric acid to some lime water kept in a beaker. What will be the beaker temperature be? Give reasons.
  4. Can you tell why when a detergent is applied to a cloth which has turmeric stains turn red in color? Give reasons for your answer.



  1. Is distilled water acidic/ basic/ neutral? How would you verify it?
  2. What do you understand by the term water pollution. Why is important to treat the factory waste water before releasing it. Give reasons to validate your answer.
  3. It is important to neutralize factory waste before releasing in water. Give reasons to validate your answers
  4. Too much fertilizers make the soil acidic too much organic. Is this statement true. Validate with reason