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class VII

Key Concepts

asexual division of cell, DNA, phases of cell division, cell cycle

essential questions

1. In asexual reproduction, how does the offspring compare to the parent?
2. Why do cells divide?
3. How do cells prepare for division?
4. What are the phases of the cell cycle?
5. What are the four stages of mitosis?
6. What are factors that control cell growth and division?


  1. Why is reproduction an important process for evolution? How does it take place among organism?
  2. How is asexual reproduction different from sexual reproduction?
  3. Explain in detail the various parts of a nucleus?
  4. What are chromosomes? What is their significance in reproduction?
  5. What is DNA?
  6. What is cell division?
  7. Draw the diagram of the different phases of mitosis.


  1. What is cell division? Why is it important process?
  2. Give the differences between two types of cell division.
  3. How is prophase different from metaphase
  4. Write down the differences between Anaphase and telophase
  5. How does cytokinesis take place in plants?
  6. What is the importance of mitosis?


  1. Why is nucleus considered the most important cell organelle?
  2. What are genes? How are genes passed from one parent to the off springs?
  3. Why is DNA important?
  4. How does cancer relate to the cell cycle?


  1. Is mitosis more important than meiosis or vice versa. Give minimum 2 reasons for your argument.
  2. What would have happened if there were no nucleus in the cell as we see in multicellular organism?