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class VII

Key Concepts

iqta, tarikh, garrison, Mongols, gender, kharaj

essential questions

What would have happened if the Indian subcontinent would not have been attacked by invaders in the early 12th century?
How did Delhi gain prominence as an important trade center and important city?
How did the Sultanate gain control over the larger parts of the sub continent?


  1. Define the term ‘chahalgani’.
  2. Write any four achievements of Balban.
  3.  Write a short note on Raziya Sultan.
  4. Write any three achievements of Iltutmish.
  5. Which rulers first established his or her capital as Delhi?


  1. Write giving two examples of each which tell in detail that art and architecture had prominence during the Delhi Sultanate period?
  2. What major factors led to the end of the Lodhi Dynasty in 1526 AD?
  3. Qutub ud din Aibak was born a slave but died as the Sultan of Delhi. What were his qualities that helped him achieve those accomplishments in his lifetime?
  4. Illtutmish consolidated the Delhi Sultanate and was a skilful leader. Highlight the work done under his reign.
  5. What were some of the qualities of Razia Sultan that led her to become the Sultan of Delhi?
  6. How was Ala-ud-din- Khilji able to manage achieve his goal of establishing an all India empire in his twenty years of rule which is predecessors were not able to achieve.
  7. Muhammad bin Tughlaq moved his capital to Daulatabad. Give the reasons why did he choose to move his capital from Delhi in North Daulabad in Maharastra.
  8. What were the reasons why did moving the capital to Daulabad fail?
  9. Why did the currency reforms fail even though it was a very logical reform to standardize the currency?
  10. Compare how his idea of currency reform is being used in current times and why is it successful now?


  1. Why is Firoz Shah Tughlaq reign a period of peace & development? How were some of his policies flawed and led to a civil war after his death among his successors?


  1. Why is the first battle of Panipat one of the most crucial battles in the Indian History? How did it change the political map of the country?
  2. Muhammad bin Tughlaq is known as a’ mixture of opposites’ even though most of his reforms are being used worldwide today, but they failed to give results at that time. Can you state the reasons for failure?
  3. Ala-ud- din- Khilji has been called a great economist by Larepool. Do you think that his economic policies actually helped him in expanding his empire in the South of India upto Madurai. Give reasons to support your argument.


  1. If you have to compare between the rules of Muhammad Bin Tughlaq and Firoz Shah Tughlaq, then whose reign was better. Give reasons for your answer.
  2. Razia Sultan was the only female Sultan of Delhi Sultanate but her rule was terminated by dethroning her by conspiracy by nobel men of her court. Why do you think, they did that, even though she was chosen by her father to rule the kingdom?
  3. Jalal-ud- din- Khilji was the founder of Khilji dynasty and was an extremely liberal king. Do you think his liberal attitude was the cause of his death by his own nephew Ala-ud-din-Khilji?
  4. History shows being a liberal ruler was a sign of weakness. Do you agree with the statement? Give reasons citing example from the Delhi Sultanate.