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class VI

Key Concepts

ingredients, edible, nectar, sprouted seeds, herbivore, carnivore, ominvore

essential questions

1. Why is important to understand the various sources of food?
2. Does everyone around you get enough food to eat and the same type of food that you eat?


  1. Which of these ingredient is not obtained from plants or animals: a) salt  b) honey  c) wheat  d) milk
  2. Identify the spice: a) nutmeg  b) wheat  c) banana  d) salt
  3. Sugar is obtained from a) sugarcane   b) beetroot  c) both a and b  d) none
  4. Which of the following flower is edible: a) drumstick  b) banana  c) pumpkin  d) all of the above
  5. Mushrooms are rich source of: a) proteins  b) carbohydrates  c) fats  d) roughage
  6. Milk giving animals are called: a) dairy animal b) milch animals  c) milk animals  d) none of these
  7. What is added to milk to set curd: a) bacteria  b) virus  c) fungi  d) lemon
  8. Germination of seeds is known as: a) sapling  b) sprouts  c) vegetation  d) none of these
  9. Which plant part is the source of chilli used as spices: a) stem  b) root  c) seed  d)  fruit
  10. Fill in the blanks:
    1. Tap roots are also known as ____ roots.
    2. Adventitious roots arise from parts of the plants oter than the _____
    3. Onion roots are example of _________
    4. When the seed germinates ________ comes out first from the seed coat.
    5. Roots naturally grow downwards and are therefore positively________
    6. Plants store food in leaves, stems and fruits in the form of_______




  1. The following parts of banana plant are used as food: a) roots, fruits   b) stem, leaves, fruits  c) stem, fruity, flower  d) flower, fruits
  2. When you are eating sugarcane, you are actually eating : a) fruit of sugarcane  b)  root of sugarcane  c) stem of sugarcane  d) grains of sugarcane
  3. Soyabean oil is obtained from which part of the plant: a) root  b) seed  c) fruit  d) stem
  4. Nectar is: a) place where bees live  b) honey  c) sweet juice of flowers  d) name of queen bee
  5. Which od the following set comprises only herbivorous animals: a) cow, goat, rabbit, deer  b) cow, goat, rabbit, wolf  c) wolf, goat, rabbit, deer   d) cow, crow, crane, camel
  6. Which of the following set is not correct: a) cow, rabbit, deer, goat  b) tiger, lion, wolf, panther  c) bear, crow, cat   d) rabbit, deer, cat, wolf


  1. Paheli soaked some gram seeds in the morning and left them overnight. Next day morning she saw there were some white structures coming out in some of the gram seeds. These white structures will develop into: a) stem  b) root  c) leaves   d) flower
  2. Study the following food chain. What is wrongly depicted in this food chain: plants→ grasshopper↔ frogs→snake→ eagle   a) eagle eating snake    b) grasshopper eating frogs  c) grasshopper eating plants   d)frog eating grasshopper
  3. The first link in all food chains is: a) herbivore  b) carnivore  c) plants  d) omnivores
  4. Which of the following stems are edible: a) ginger, onion, potato  b) carrot, radish, pumpkin  c) carrot, ginger, onion  d) onion, potato, garlic
  5. Clove and saffron are obtained from which plant part: a) roots  b) seed  c) flower  d) stem
  6. The two underground stems used as food are: a) carrot and onion   b) onion and radish  c) potato and onion  d) ginger and beetroot


Read the following statements carefully and choose the correct option:

  1. Statement 1: Carrot and radish are underground roots. Statement 2: Potato and ginger are underground roots  a) statement1 is correct while statement 2 is incorrect   b) Statement 1 is incorrect  while statement 2 is correct  c) Both statement are correct  d) both statement are incorrect
  2. Statement 1: Cooking of food makes it edible  Statement 2: Makes food soft and  digestible  Statements 3: Adds germs to the food a) Both 1 and 2 are correct  b) all are correct  c) only I is correct d) none of them are correct
  3. Assertion A: Various material needed to prepare a food item are called ingredients.  Reason R: To prepare a dish of rice kheer we need more than 2 ingredients   a) both A and R are true and R is the correct explanation of A  b) both A and R are true but R is not the correct explanation  of A  c) A is true but R is false  d)  A is  false but R is true
  4. Assertion A: We use different parts of plants as our food Reason R: In plants food is stored in root, stem, seeds, fruits but not in flowers  a) both A and R are true and R is the correct explanation of A  b) both A and R are true but R is not the correct explanation  of A  c) A is true but R is false  d)  A is  false but R is true
  5. Assertion A: Herbivores are animals that eat only plants and its byproducts  Reason R: Cow eats grass and is a herbivore a) both A and R are true and R is the correct explanation of A  b) both A and R are true but R is not the correct explanation  of A  c) A is true but R is false  d)  A is  false but R is true
  6. Which of the following food is obtained from the roots of the plant: a) radish, carrot, turnip   b) potato, ginger, onion  c) spinach, lettuce, mint   d) sugarcane, onion, ginger
  7. Food is stored in different parts of a plant. Choose the parts of the plant from which the following food items P,Q,R and S are obtained and select the correct option:  a) P-flower, Q-seed, R- root, S-stem   b) P-flower, Q-root, R-stem, S-seed   c)P- flower, Q-stem, R-root, S-seed    d)P-flower, Q-seed , R-Stem, S- root
  8. How do decomposers obtain their food: a) hunting and killing prey for food   b) changing carbon dioxide and water into food  c) absorbing food from dead organisms  d) producing food from oxygen and sunlight
  9. Which of the following is a seed containing stored food:  a) P and S  b) P and Q  c) Q and R  d) P, Q and S
  10. Which of the following does not belong to the group formed by the others: a) ginger  b) potato  c) onions  d) carrot
  11. Which is the odd one out: a) butter  b) milk  c) cheese  d) oil