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class VII

Key Concepts

earth crust, core, mantle, rock types, rock cycle, igneous rocks, metamorphic, sedimentary

essential questions

1. Have you ever wondered why we can not reach the centre of the Earth?
2. How do you think are the rocks and minerals that we use in everyday life are actually made?
3. What happens deep inside the earth? What is the Earth actually made of?


  1. Like Onion, the Earth is made up of several concentric layers. What are these various layers called.
  2. What are the two types of igenous rocks?
  3. What are sediments?
  4. Fill in the blanks:     a) The process of transformation of the rock from one form to the other is called______                                                                   b)Inner core is made up of_____ and ____                                                                                                                                                                             c)  The radius of the earth is _____ kms.                                                                                                                                                                                 d) Igenous rocks are also known as_____


  1. Draw labelled diagram of the various layers of the Earth.
  2.  What are the three major types of rocks? Explain how they are formed.
  3. What are sediments? How are sedimentary rocks formed?
  4. What is a rock cycle? Explain with diagram
  5. Write the difference between Sial and Sima
  6. What is the difference between: a) Ocean crust and continental crust   b) Crust and Inner core  c) Igneous and Sedimentary rocks  d) Sedimentary and Metamorphic rocks
  7. How are igneous rocks formed?


1.What is the connection between Metamorphic rocks and Igneous rocks? Explain in detail


  1. Can you think why is it not possible to reach the centre of the Earth. Give 2 reasons.
  2. How does water and air play a role in forming sedimentary rocks?
  3. Why do we say metamorphic means change of forms? Explain with example.
  4. Do you think wind, water and heat play a major role in formation of rocks? Give reasons for your argument.


1. Find the correct rock type for the following:

  1. Basalt: ____:: marble:____
  2. Basalt: ______:: Granite: _____
  3. Fire:____:: Changing form:____
  4. Clay: ____:: Limestone:____