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Subject: language-english
Class: class I
Key Concepts
Nouns, names of places, names of animal, name of things, name of person
essential questions
1. What is noun?
2. How do I identify noun within a sentence?

1. Identify Nouns from the words given below:
Circle each noun.
the big Tom bus door
cat stick ate win this
on child apple mom pen
rug go is one how
dog bike sun desk room
find are it red me

2. Find the nouns and circle them in the sentences given below:
i) Who likes bananas?
ii) Luke brought cake to the party.
iii) The rabbit skipped across the road.
iv) Ice floats on water.
v) All kids love ice cream.
vi) We’re having soup for dinner.
vii) I take my dog for a walk every day.

3. Circle the nouns in the given sentence

a) The clown gave a balloon to the boy.
b) Natasha painted a pretty picture.
c) Seema is eating breakfast.
d) The friends took the bus to the fair.
e) The kids flew the kite on the beach.
f) Sophia plays the cricket.
g) The pear fell off the tree.


  1. Sort the nouns in given below:

Ramesh   teacher  doctor  tiger   kingfisher  pencil table  sugar  house  school market  apple  mother Hina  Delhi



Circle the nouns (9 of them!

log work book leave lamp tree find robin lick blanket help pizza snake want moon       

Complete the sentences using nouns from above.
1. The ______________ keeps me warm.
2. I finished reading my ___________.
3. The ___________ is very bright in the sky.
4. Dad turned on the _________ because it was dark.
5. His pet _____________ scares me.
6. __________ is my favorite food.


Circle the nouns in each sentence and tell WHY is it a noun:
1. The picture is of a balloon.
2. Shelves hold books and toys.
3. Reema wrote a letter.
4. The lions at the zoo are loud.
5. Lara threw a ball to her dog.
6. The broom is in the garage.
7. Apples are delicious.
8. There is sand on the beach.


Write a sentence about a person and circle the nouns.

Write a sentence about a thing and circle the nouns.

Use the following words to create your own sentences:
ice cream    swimming pool      chocolates     mother