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class VII

Key Concepts

desert, cold and hot desert, oasis, la- pass

essential questions

1. If deserts are dry and arid areas, then how do you think humans have been able to settle in these areas over the centuries?
2. How have humans adapted themselves in accordance with their surroundings?


  1. Sahara desert found in which continent: a) Asia   b) Africa   c) South America  d) Europe
  2. Sahara once used to be: a) Lush green desert  b) lush green plains  c) lush green mountains  d) lush green plateau
  3. Which of the following is the largest desert: a) Thar  b) Kalahari  c) Sahara  d) Namib
  4. Al Aziza is in: a) Niger  b) Chad  c) Mali  d) Libya
  5. Sahara rocky surface are ____m high: a) 2500  b) 1048  c) 500  d) 2047
  6. Which part of the sheep and goat is used to make woolens: a) teeth  b) eyes  c) skin  d) hair
  7. Who are the main inhabitants of Ladakh desert: a) Christians and Muslims  b Buddhists and Muslims   c) Christians and Buddhists  d) none of these
  8. Egypt is famous for growing : a) wheat  b) maize  c) cotton  d) all of them
  9. Sahara is what type of desert: a) cold  b) hot  c) mild  d) humid
  10. In which continent the Sahara desert is located: a) Africa  b) Asia  c) South America  d) Antartica
  11. What was the highest temperature recorded: a) 67.7° C   b)47.7° C  c) 57.7° C  d) 37.7° C
  12. Shey in Ladakh is famous: a) Monastry  b) Mosque  c) Church  d) Temple
  13. In Ladakh the word ‘La’ means: a) Pass   b) plain pass  c) desert pass  d) Plateau pass
  14. Ladakh is a: a) Hot desert  b) hot plain  c) cold mountain desert   d) cold plains
  15. The Karaokoram range in the ___ and the Zaskar range in the ___ enclose Ladakh a) east, west  b) north, south  c) west, south  d) east, south
  16. ___ one is the coldest inhabitant places on earth is located in Ladakh. a) Siachen  b) Drass c) Gilgit  d) Dehra
  17. Which of the following river flows in Ladakh: a) Indus   b) Godvari  c) Yamuna  d) Son
  18. In Ladakh it is freezing cold in the winters when the temp may remain below___ for most of the time.                    a) 0 º C       b) -30º C     c) -50º C   d) -40º C
  19. There is little rainfall in the Ladakh as low as ___ every year. a) 20 cm  b) 30cm  c) 50cm  d) 10cm
  20. What is the energy product in great demand throughout the world: a) Uranium  b) Fats  c) Manganese  d) oil
  21. What is the other name of Ladakh  a) Indus  b) Kargil  c) Khap- chan  d) Karokoram
  22. Which of the following birds are sighted in Ladakh: a) Robin   b) Redstarts  c) Raven   d) All of them
  23. Fill in the blanks:  1) Sahara desert touches the boundaries of ___ countries.

2) The people of Sahara wear heavy robes as protection against____ and ____

3) ____is enclosed by the Karokoram range in the North.

4) Yak’s milk is used to make _____ and _____

5) Leh is connected to Kashmir through____ Pass

6) ___ is the most important river of Ladakh

Other Questions

  1. Define desert.
  2. Name two deserts, a cold and a hot desert.
  3. What is a depression in a desert area?


  1. What is the are the characteristic of a desert.
  2. What factors lead to making of a cold desert.
  3. Due to high altitude the climate of Ladakh is a) Cold and wet   b) cold and dry  c) hot and dry  d) hot and wet
  4. What are the characteristics o the desert: a) scanty vegetation  b) Heavy precipitation  c) low evaporation  d) moderate climate
  5. It is an arid region characterized by extremely high and low temperature and has scarce vegetation: a) mountain  b) desert  c) plains  d) plateau
  6. True or False: 1) Vegetation of Sahara includes cactus, date palms

2) Area around oasis is infertile

3) hair of sheep and goats are used to make woolens

4) Baralacha La is the name of the pass between Manali and Leh

5) Skeletons of fish have been found in Sahara

6) Desert is a wet region with extreme high and low temperature



  1. How are oasis formed?


  1. How does the flora and fauna of a place define the climate of the region.
  2. How do we come to know that Sahara Desert was once a lush green area?
  3. Give reasons: a) There is scanty rainfall in Ladakh region   b) People of Sahara  desert wear heavy robes
  4. Consider the following statement about Ladakh: Statement 1: Ladakh is a cold mountain desert situated in the western side of Jammu and Kashmir. Statement 2: Ladakh lies in the rain shadow region of the Himalayas. Choose the correct option: a) Only Statement 1   b) Only statement 2   c) Both Statement 1 and 2   c) Only statement 1 is correct but statement 2 is false