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class VIII

Key Concepts

earthquakes, terrorism, floods and droughts, disasters, volcanoes, faults, disaster management, manmade, oil spill

essential questions

1. What do disasters teach us?
2. Do you think disasters can be avoided?


  1. Write a short note on terror attack.
  2. Write a short note on Nepal 2015 earthquake
  3. Define avalanche.
  4. Define epidemic and pandemic.
  5.  What is water table?
  6. What are disasters?
  7. What are some of the causes of natural disasters?
  8. Give some examples of travel related disasters.
  9. Write a short note on the earthquake zones of India.
  10. Name the states worst affected by water scarcity in India.
  11. Name the world’s worst Industrial disaster.


  1. How are earthquakes caused?
  2. What causes floods? What kind of environmental damage does a flood cause?
  3. What is a drought? What are the effects of a drought?
  4. How do chemical disasters occur?
  5. How do biological disasters occur?
  6. How are earthquakes caused?
  7. Is it correct to say, tsunami are caused by earthquakes on the ocean floor? Give reasons .
  8. What are the effects of tsunami?
  9. How can we safeguard ourselves from tsunami?
  10. How are landslides caused?
  11. Write some of the common reasons for floods? How many of these reasons are man-made and how many natural?
  12. What is the difference between manmade disasters and natural disasters?
  13. How are cyclones caused? Which coastal region of India is cyclone prone?
  14. What are the condition people face during droughts?
  15. Briefly explain causes of fire.
  16. How do oil spills occur? What are its effects?
  17. What is the difference between a) hazards and disasters b) intentional and unintentional nuclear disaster

Fill in the blanks:

  1. Some disasters like___ may begin slowly and later increase in extent and intensity.
  2. Earthquake is an example of ____ disaster.
  3. Cyclones are ___ areas that occur over warm oceans currents and tropical regions
  4. The_____ of earth’s plates cause earthquake.
  5. The____ tradegy was casued by accidental leak of highly toxic gas.


  1. Why are Eastern Coastal States of India high cyclone prone regions?
  2. Why is nuclear disaster so harmful?
  3. Do you think xeriscaping can help in preventing drought? Give reasons.
  4. What is a drought and how does it disrupt the hydrological cycle?


  1. Even though most of the countries in world have nuclear weapons, but they all restrain from using them whenever there is any kind of political uncertainty prevailing in the world. Give reasons.
  2. India is also known as land of rivers. Even though India is crisscrossed with so many perennial rivers all across the country, we still face water shortage in many states. Can you give reasons why water shortage is becoming acute every year.


  1. Bihar and Assam are one of the most flood affected states in India every monsoon. Evaluate your reasons for the same.
  2. Gujarat and Rajasthan are one of the most drought prone states in the country. Give reasons.