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class VII

Key Concepts

factors affecting vegetation, types of forests, grasslands, tropical evergreen forest, deciduous forest, mediterranean coniferous, temperate grasslands, adaptation

essential questions

1. How does vegetation changes with change in climate?
2. Why do all places have same type of vegetation and all kinds of wildlife?
3. How does change in latitude affect the vegetation?


  1. What are the various factors on which vegetation is dependent?
  2.  What are the various categories in which natural vegetation is divided into?
  3. Write 5 points on tropical evergreen forests.
  4. Where are temperate evergreen forests found? Name two types of trees found


  1. Write the difference between: a) temperate deciduous forest and Tropical deciduous forest  b) Tropical evergreen and temperate evergreen  c) Tropical grasslands and temperate grasslands


  1. Mark all the various types of forest that are found in the map of India.
  2. How have Mediterranean trees adapted themselves to dry summers?
  3. Why does the vegetation changes as we go higher up the altitude in Himalayas?
  4. Why are tropical evergreen forests found near the equator?
  5. Why are they called evergreen forest?
  6. Why are tropical deciduous forest also called monsoon forests?
  7. Why do trees in tropical deciduous forest shed their leaves?


  1. Why are Mediterranean regions called orchards of the world?
  2. Why do leaves of citrus fruits shine as if they have been coated polished with wax?
  3. Why does the vegetation change as we go higher up the latitudes from the equator towards the poles?
  4. Why do you think tropical evergreen forests have thick canopies?