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class VII

Key Concepts

factors affecting vegetation, types of forests, grasslands, tropical evergreen forest, deciduous forest, mediterranean coniferous, temperate grasslands, adaptation

essential questions

1. How does vegetation changes with change in climate?
2. Why do all places have same type of vegetation and all kinds of wildlife?
3. How does change in latitude affect the vegetation?


  1. What is camouflage?
  2. Fill in the blanks:

__________ plants are adapted to living an environment having a moderate amount of moisture.

__________ plants are adapted to the dry habitat.

__________plants are adapted to a salty habitat.

________plants are adapted to grow in water.

3. True or false

a) There are two types of camels- Arabian camel(two humped) & Bactrian Camel (One humped)

b) The Arabian camels are found in hot deserts of North Africa and Middle East.

c) To avoid day time heat, many desert animals are nocturnal.

d) Animals have repugnant smell as a means of excess sweating occurring due to heat.

4. What are marsupials?

5. What is hibernation?

6. What are the various occupation of the people at Taiga region?


  1. What type of rainfall does tropical rainforest receive. Explain in detail with diagram.
  2. What is Oasis? What is the significance of Oasis in desert?
  3. What is the difference between temperate and tropical grasslands?


  1. How have Bedouins of Arabia survived the harsh desert conditions?
  2. Why do xerophytes plants have a thick fleshy stems?
  3. How does camel survive in deserts harsh conditions?
  4. Why are camels called ‘ship of the desert’?
  5. Why do we see more of marshes, swamps and lakes found throughout the Taiga region?
  6. Why are rainforest called evergreen or lungs of the earth?
  7. Why are rainforest important for the earth’s ecosystem?
  8. Why do animals and rainforest have highly evolved limbs, feet and tails and colouring?
  9. Why are tropical grasslands taller than temperate grasslands?
  10. Why do think it was easy to convert temperate grasslands into agriculture fields y man before tropical grasslands?


  1. How do cactus plants adapt to hard conditions of deserts?
  2. How do desert tortoises adapt themselves to extreme heat?
  3. Give reasons why they have chosen those occupations when they settled there?
  4. Why do you think the fauna of tropical grasslands is different from fauna of temperate grasslands?
  5. Why do animals in rainforests have diets that rely heavily on fruits?
  6. How do trees adapt themselves in places that has scanty rainfall?