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class VII

Key Concepts

terranium, water cycle, distribution of water bodies, ocean currents, wave, salinity tides, tsunami

essential questions

1. How much water is available for human use?
2. What does the word 'cycle' in the term ' water cycle' actually mean?
3. What does it mean to ' conserve' water?
4. How does moon's gravitational pull affect the water on the earth?


  1. What is terranium?
  2. What is a water cycle?
  3. What is salinity?
  4. What are waves? How are they formed?
  5. What are tides?
  6. Name two warm currents and two cold currents
  7. On a world map mark the important 3 warm currents and  3 cold currents


  1. How are tides different from waves?
  2. What is different between Neap and Spring tide?
  3. What type of ocean current flows around the Indian subcontinent?
  4. Why are tsunamis considered to be dangerous?
  5. How are tsunamis created?
  6. Explain Neap and spring tide using diagram.


  1. Why is our earth like a terranium?
  2. Why is water cycle important for human life to exist?
  3. How does water circulate in oceans?
  4. Why are high tides advantageous?
  5. Why is ocean water salty?


  1. What is the similarity between terrarium and water cycle? How do you connect the two terms with Earth?
  2. Why is New Foundland on the Atlantic coast in USA one of the best fishing grounds in the world?
  3. Why are rivers considered important for human civilization?
  4. Even though most of the cities in India are situated along big rivers , still there is water crisis becoming very prevalent in the cities every year. Give reasons.