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class I

Key Concepts

air, water, water cycle, uses of water, wind

essential questions

1. What would happen if there was no water on earth?
2. What would happen if there were no air but only water on earth?


  1. In which of these seasons weather is neither hot nor cold: a) spring b) autumn  c) winter  d) both a and b
  2. The sun gives us___: a) night  b) light  c) heat and light  d) heat
  3. Cotton clothes are preferred during____ season.  a) rainy b) summer  c) winter  d) spring
  4. We wear woolen clothes in____ a) rainy season b) winter season   c) summer season   d) all of these
  5. What is the moon called when it is big and round: a) no moon  b) new moon  c) full moon  d) half moon
  6. The sun rises in the __ a) east b) west c) north d) south
  7. The crescent of the moon looks like:   d) none of these
  8. Who was the first Indian to go into space: a) Rakesh Sharma b) Kalpana  Chawla  c) Sunita Williams  d) None of these
  9. Trees shed their leaves in which of the following seasons: a) summer b) winter c) spring d) autumn
  10. In which of the following season, rainbow is seen: a) summer b) rainy season c) winters d) spring
  11. Identify the shape of the moon: a) full moon b) half moon  c) cresenct moon  d) none of these
  1. Pick the odd color out from the colors of rainbow listed below: a) violet b) yellow c) red  d) white
  2. At night we see____ and ___ in the sky: a) moon b) sun c) moon and sun   d) moon and stars
  3. The earth has plenty of resources. Name some of them.
  4. Write two ways to protect the Earth.


  1.   are filled in____ a) water   b) air  c) sand  d) fire
  2. For lighting we need__: a) water  b) food  c) air  d) all of these
  3. Look at the picture given below. It is due to___ : a) breeze  b) storm  c) pollution  d) waves
  4. Which object is filled with air:
  5. Which of the following activities does not need water:
  6. What is a forest?


  1. The picture shows a rainy day. What do you use on a rainy day:  a) woollen sweater  b) cotton shirt  c) raincoat and umbrella  d) woollen cap and gloves
  2. On which of the following factors, weather is NOT dependent: a) sun b) water c) cloud d) wind
  3. Among which of the these days would you most likely see rainbow in the sky
  4. Why are forest important for our planet?
  5. Which of the following can not be seen by us: a) land  b) air   c) water  d) light


  1. Which of the following is INCORRECT? Statement 1: Weather changes from day to day Statement 2: Weather changes only once a day Statement 3: Days may be sunny, windy, rainy or cloudy a) only Statement 3 b) Only 1 and 2  c) Only 2  d) Both 2 and 3
  2. Select an INCORRECT pair: a) Hot day- gumboots b) Rainy day- umbrella   c) cold day- bonfire   d) sunny day- sunglasses
  3. Why is earth a unique planet?
  4. Who am I :  a) we twinkle at night.___ b) When I shine, then only it is day____ c) At times you can see early in the morning also with the sun.____ d) This is the only place where we can live on____